buveur’s handmade, small-batch cocktails in ready-to-drink bottles are some of the best around. Perfect for when you want to spend more time with your guests, rather than with the cocktail shaker – or if you fancy a delicious cocktail on the plane (they’re the perfect size for hand-luggage restrictions) – just pour over ice and start sipping. Plus, the London-based cocktail enthusiasts use only British ingredients and the range is 100% vegan, too."


The English Rye Whisky from the English Whisky Company is at the heart of our Old Fashioned. Sourced straight from the cask, it is a rich and oily whisky with notes of milk chocolate, orange and lemon thyme.   
Victory Bitter is a modern style of aperitivo produced in London by the makers of Victory Gin. A combination of British wheat spirit and botanicals including rosemary, sage, apricot and orange, it is much more complex than Campari. 
Morveren Absinthe is made using wormwood grown in Cornwall, alongside a variety of additional botanicals from the local area, and has been bottled at a punchy 66% ABV. 
A Single Estate Vodka made in the heart of Oxfordshire from winter wheat by the Wood brothers. It has a nose of butterscotch and a subtle hint of toasted brown sugar. 
The Asterley Brothers’ Estate vermouth is made by infusing 31 botanicals with English pinot noir. Made in the Italian ‘rosso’ style, notes of orange, cacao, rosemary and wormwood combine to form a full-bodied vermouth. It pairs perfectly with the Victory Amaro in our Negroni.
A small batch craft gin distilled in Yorkshire. Refreshingly dry, the sweet citrus, pine and dry juniper flavours balance beautifully with hints of spice and a subtle finish of Yorkshire Tea.
Bob’s Bitters is a small company dedicated to the creation of cocktail bitters. Founded by Bob, the first bitters were created in partnership with the head bartender of the Dorchester, the idea was to base each bitter on just one ingredient.
The Coffee Collaborative is on a mission to produce some of the world’s finest original coffees, at one of the UK's most environmentally friendly roasteries. They believe great coffee is the ultimate fuel for creativity and collaborate with artists, writers, poets, musicians and makers. 


A warming blend of spiced oak with subtle citrus and herbal notes, a smooth slow sipper with a musky sweet tonka finish.


A balanced butterscotch and caramel taste mixed with a perfect trinity of flavours; dark chocolate, coffee and cream.



Smooth and sweet on the nose, with hints of warm vanilla and toffee combined with rich cold-brew coffee and the subtle flavours of dark chocolate & sea salt.


Strong herbal flavours, red fruits and a well balanced bitterness in the foreground with a hint of black tea in the finish.


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